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TALISMAN meets DUBKASM ‘She Look Like Reggae’

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Format – VINYL

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When it came to choosing the second release from their new album “Don’t Play With Fyah”, Bristol Reggae legends Talisman decided to keep things local and let fellow Bristolians and legends in their own right, Dubkasm, have their pick of the album masters to imprint with their signature ‘sound system friendly’ style.

Dubkasm chose to rework “She Look Like Reggae”, taking the characteristic Talisman band sound and stripping it away, honing in on just the lyrics, they needed to change the song’s vibe entirely and re-clothe it in new dance hall finery. The vocal is remoulded as a heavy roots cut propelled by a steppers drum riddim echoing those lyrics that have been chosen. After a slow build, the track moves along with the momentum of a juggernaut guaranteed to fill the dance floor; it drops into a dub workout finishing with a touch of distortion as though heard through a big stack.

The dub side does exactly what it says on the label updating the classic Talisman band sound to a more sparse and minimalist one that will sound great in a dance. This is a record that will appeal equally to fans of Talisman and Dubkasm as well as the wider reggae audience.

Naturally “She Look Like Reggae” Dubkasm vocal and dub could only be released on the soundman format of choice, the 7” vinyl single in a strictly limited edition and is released on Sugar Shack Records on 26TH May 2017 distributed by Shellshock/ SRD and available from all good retail outlets.

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ARTIST: Talisman

TITLE: “She Look Like Reggae” (Dubkasm remix)

RELEASE DATE: 26th May 2017

LABEL: Sugar Shack Records



BARCODE:  5052571070673


Track listing:

  1. She Look Like Reggae (Dubkasm Vocal)
  2. She Look Like Reggae (Dubkasm Dub)

Don’t Play with Fyah

Talisman Fyah VIEWbandcamp

Format – CD

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Format – VINYL

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Pressed on beautiful clear vinyl with Colour Insert and includes limited edition signed poster from the band

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Don’t Play with Fyah Bundle

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A copy of the ‘Don’t Play with Fyah’ CD
A copy of the ‘Don’t Play with Fyah’ (Limited Edition) LP – clear vinyl with Insert
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Format: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl, CD and Download
Released 17th March 2017
Cat No. FOD114CD / FOD114V

Talisman’s new album “Don’t Play with Fyah” is a revelation. Most bands with a history that stretches back four decades are content to go through the motions, their creative peak somewhere in the past, not Talisman. Their new album includes some of the strongest material they’ve ever recorded, with seven brand new songs and the corresponding dub counter parts; this is their finest album to date.

With such strong material we knew we had to pull out all the stops when it came to the final mixes and who better than legendary musician, producer, engineer and all round British reggae genius Dennis Bovell (Matumbi, Steel Pulse, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Aswad, Madness, Orange Juice, The Slits, The Pop Group, Arcade Fire, Joss Stone) who has taken the songs to the next level and given us the strongest British reggae album in years.

The album kicks off with “Relijan”, a roots anthem with lyrics that resonate with contemporary relevance whilst the music has the timeless feel of the best seventies roots. This track raises the game for Talisman and puts them on par with such British greats as Aswad, Steel Pulse and Misty in Roots at their best; without doubt destined to be seen as a classic of the genre.

The pace and the lyrical intent doesn’t let up as we start “Talkin’ Revolution” which for long time fans of the band is a real treat; a brand new song yet imbued with the feel and vibes of early eighties Talisman. It would not have felt out of place in their sets during those years and yet, this bridge between the past and present manages to surpass what went before, a real achievement and another certain future favourite for fans.

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“She Look like Reggae” is a charming piece of observational song writing that rewards repeated listening with hidden depths and also provides a good opportunity to mention the very welcome use of a full horn section on some of these tracks. There’s something right about Talisman with horns that once again ties their long distinguished musical heritage in with the present.

“Don’t Play with Fyah” is another strong tune with a different style of vintage feel and also lends its title to the album. It is followed in a similar vein by “Hear No Evil” and “Racism Never Sleep” rounding off a trio of songs carrying a warning message, those messages perhaps being more relevant now than at any time this century.

Rounding off the vocals with something of a change of pace is “Wheel and Come Again”, a joyful and upbeat song that has a pop sensibility but in the best sense; a song that will appeal to a wide audience.

It’s hard to overstate Dennis Bovell’s contribution to British music, reggae in particular and we can’t think of anyone more qualified to mix these tracks. Dub mixes really are his forte, with more than four decades of experience mixing the best in British dubs. The seven dub versions here, deliver in every way, true dub re-imaginings and not mere afterthoughts. Dennis has refashioned them into alternative mixes, shifting focus, taking whole new pathways as he navigates the multi-tracks, sometimes familiar, sometimes with an entirely new emphasis. These dubs happily stand on their own merits and let’s hope that this is just the first of much collaboration with the great Dennis Bovell.

In addition to the 14 track CD and digital download version, there is also a limited edition vinyl LP featuring four of the vocals and their corresponding dub versions.

Nothing Change


Format – VINYL

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Format: Limited Edition 12″ Vinyl and Download
Released 29th September 2014
Cat No. FOD104V

Thirty five years since their formation is quite a milestone and to celebrate their achievement Talisman, will spend the latter part of 2014 touring throughout the UK on their Dole Age Tour in the main as support to Neville Staple. Talisman have also found time to write and record new material and to coincide with the tour they will be releasing a limited edition 12” vinyl EP.

In many ways Britain in 1979 was a different world with strikes and a newly elected Thatcher government.  You bought your music on vinyl records from Record shops, the internet was futuristic, downloading and streaming were beyond imagination and even CDs were years away. Whatever the differences, there are many similarities between 1979 and 2014 especially when it comes to making ends meet and social and political ills, the inspiration for this song, “Nothing Change”.


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The A side “Nothing Change” is the band’s vocal take on the song demonstrating that even after thirty five years, a band can improve with age and with its classic reggae sound this is surely up there as one of their best compositions. The inclusion of horns is a nice touch as it harks back to Talisman line-ups of old adding both an extra layer to the sound and emphasising the classic nature of the song.

For the B side, the mixing duties are in the competent hands of Dave “Oldwah” Sandford, whose remix of the band’s current “I-Surrection” album was recently released as the “Oldwah Deconstruction”. Oldwah starts off with the rather splendid “Conquering Lion Dub”. The vocals are entirely renounced in favour of the horn line although at one stage this is joined by the roar of a rather angry sounding lion, hence the title. This heavy dub version is reminiscent of classic dub sounds of the 1970s and is a real treat for all dub loving Talisman fans.

For his second version “Oldwah Rockers Dub,” Oldwah takes the track in a different dubwise direction following a more conventional path and incorporating Dehvan’s vocal parts. All in all this release has three great mixes, each of which stands on its own merits and should appeal to any reggae lover not just those who have already discovered Talisman.

Talisman’s “Nothing Change” is released on 12” Vinyl EP and digital download by Sugar Shack Records on 29th September 2014. The vinyl is available from all good retailers and the download is available on all leading platforms. In addition to the standard black vinyl release in a plain black Disco sleeve, there will also be just 100 copies pressed on yellow vinyl and housed in a specially designed screen printed jacket. This strictly limited version will be exclusively available at the band’s forthcoming shows or directly from the Sugar Shack Records web store while stocks last.

Hey Yout’


Format – CD (Limited Edition 100 copies signed by the band)

Handmade sleeve by Sam Giles

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Released 2nd June 2014

Cat No. FOD102


If you are going to record a new roots album then Talisman are certainly the act to follow. – 5/5 Record Collector

For the first time since the 1980s, Bristol Reggae legends Talisman have written and recorded brand new material for their new studio album ‘I-Surrection’ which was released to critical acclaim in September 2013.

The album is available on Limited edition vinyl, CD and digital platforms by Sugar Shack Records.

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Fresh from a 20 date UK tour supporting legendary ska band The Selecter and as a taster from the album, Sugar Shack are releasing the track ‘Hey Yout’’ as a digital only single before they re-enter the studio in April to rerecord their 1980 Independent Hit ‘Dole Age’ for autumn release.
‘Hey Yout’’ is a great tune in the roots tradition and a perfect introduction to the new album.

Produced in collaboration with Rootikal Productions David Hill, the music has the classic sound of reggae’s peak in the late seventies yet, is a brand new recording with a message that’s just as relevant for the present as it would have been 35 years ago.

Talisman are a band with a unique heritage, ‘Hey Yout’’ brings their story up to date and is released on Itunes and all other digital platforms on the 2nd June 2014

Talisman I-Surrection (Oldwah Deconstruction)


Format – CD
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Released 14th July 2014
Cat No. FOD099CD

When Talisman finished recording their latest album “I-Surrection”, as an addition to the David Hill produced finished release, we decided to give the unmixed master recordings to Dave ‘Oldwah’ Sandford and see what his take would be. Oldwah has previously worked with us, mixing the Vibes album “Reminisce” and was also the man given the job of mixing the unfinished tracks on the soon to be released Capital Letters archive album “Reality”. With 40 years experience as a performing musician and an even longer standing love of reggae, he brings his own unique perspective to the task.

Having talked to the band and hitting it off with fellow bassie Dennison Joseph, Oldwah was keen to produce something that bore his stamp but also pleased the band members. He describes his take on the music as “a piece of vinyl from 1978 taken out of a dusty sleeve”, not slick and clean but having that authentic vibe.

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Influenced by the classic dub sounds of albums like “African Dub Chapter 3” and “King Tubby Meets the Rockers Uptown”, Oldwah’s dubs take you on a journey and as a musician he focuses in on instruments sometimes blending them together to great effect. This is brand new music and yet it absolutely sounds like it was recorded and mixed in downtown Kingston circa 1978.

What Oldwah has given us is an anachronism, a classic seventies dub album recorded and mixed three and a half decades and four and a half thousand miles away from its spiritual home. An album that just grows on you and rewards every new listen revealing a little more each time, no gimmicks or crazy effects, just a producer with an understanding and appreciation for the tracks. If you think you know the “I-Surrection” album then think again, the Oldwah Deconstruction is a remix in the true sense. He may have used the same ingredients, but he’s cooked up an entirely different dish. If you loved David Hill’s main course you really need to sample Oldwah’s dessert with its extra large vintage dub topping and entirely different flavours.

As a bonus, for this release we’ve included some fresh tracks from the band, extra tracks from the “I-Surrection” sessions also given the Oldwah treatment making ten different songs plus two additional mixes, a round dozen dub shots for  Talisman fans old and new. Talisman’s “I-Surrection (Oldwah Deconstruction)” will be released on CD and Digital Download by Sugar Shack Records on 14th July 2014.



Format – CD

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Format CD

Released 30th September 2013

Cat No. FOD097CD

Format – Limited Edition Vinyl

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Released 30th September 2013

Cat No. FOD097V

Limited Edition Vinyl (100 numbered) Screen printed sleeve with insert and poster, autographed by the band.

Thirty years after they recorded their debut long player, 1984′s ‘Takin The Strain’, Bristol’s roots reggae pioneers Talisman have found enough space in their busy live schedule to record their third studio album, ‘I-Surrection’, to be released via Sugar Shack Records on 30th September.


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Having reformed in 2011, Talisman have spent the last two years honing their skills and playing live shows at every opportunity, including the support slot on The Selectors’ recent UK tour. Original core members Dehvan and Dennison have also found the time to write the six new songs that, along with their instrumental and dub counterparts, form this latest twelve track set. It’s hard to escape the economic and political similarities between today and the bands early eighties heyday, so it’s no surprise that all of the songs deal with political or roots themes and resonate with the classic sound of British reggae from the golden age. The way the music sounds is no modern pastiche; Dehvan and Dennison have been playing together for 35 years and the classic roots sound comes naturally. Likewise, the social conscience they display in their song writing has always been part of the Talisman sound.

They are the real deal and this is a reggae album with genuine heritage.When it comes to getting the right sound, the choice of producer is everything. For this release Talisman have collaborated with Rootikal Productions David Hill, a man who fully understands reggae’s rich history as well as how to get the right sound from modern recordings. Collectively they have achieved one of the best roots reggae albums since its seventies heyday.   From the opening lines of “Greetings and Salutations”, it’s clear that you are in for a treat as the timeless sound of roots reggae bursts forth from the speakers and envelops the listener. Conscious lyrics underpinned by great music, is a winning combination.   With its call to arms, “Stand up and help yourself, stop hoping for things to change, stand up and help yourself”, “Help Yourself” is a call to arms in the anthemic tradition. Talisman haven’t given up the fight, they’ve just been regrouping and with this album they return to the struggle with a full frontal attack.

“Hey Yout” is dedicated to the next generation, those who need to take up the struggle, reminding them that previous generations have trodden the same path, but with patience and a positive attitude they can overcome “Babylon Pressure” and achieve a better future for their world.   “Season For Freeman” propelled along by the addition of some great playing from Matic Horns could almost be a lost gem from the seventies, if its catalogue of black martyrs didn’t include the recent losses of Stephen Lawrence, Trayvon Martin and Smiley Culture. The point that whatever progress society has made some things haven’t changed is subtle but well made.

The album takes an almost Nyahbinghi direction as we “Praise Jah”, an upbeat and joyous track that’s almost hymn like and makes one want to sing along.   “Things a Get Tough” has an almost sixties feel, reinforced by the repetition of the lines “rougher than rough, tougher than tough” lyrics that strongly recall the classic tunes of the rude boy era. Even if they’ve cleverly given a nod to the past the lyrics themselves are just as relevant to today where it’s more about the tough economic situation than which rude boy or singer is the toughest.   Every track comes with its corresponding dub version, skilfully mixed by David Hill for Rootikal Productions and dub in the best sense, where each version stands on its own musical merits as a fully thought out track rather than being a mere afterthought. The sole exception is ‘Hey Yout’ which rather than a full dub workout gets reimagined as a classic sounding melodica version.

This album takes the best aspects of reggae’s musical heritage and fashions them into an album that deals with the realities of 2013. Roots reggae is back and the revival starts here! ‘I-Surrection’ is released on CD and Digital platforms on the 30th September 2013.

Side A

Help Yourself

Hey Yout’

Things Ah Get Tough

Greetings and Salutations


Side B

Dub Yourself

Hey Yout’ – melodica version

Things A Dub

Greetings and Dubutations

Talisman ‘Dole Age’ The 1981 Reggae Collection

Dole Age - Talismanbandcamp

Format – CD

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Format CD
Released 9th May 2011
Cat No. ARC199CD

Format – VINYL

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5 Track Vinyl Album. This version is limited to 250 copies with a special colour pullout with stories, exclusive pictures and poster images only available from The Bristol Archive Records shop. Sleeve notes by Martin Langford. Tracks include the 12″ Mixes of Dole Age, Free Speech, Run Come Girl and Wicked Dem together with a previously unreleased track Nitty Gritty.

Format VINYL
Released 9th May 2011
Cat No. ARC199V

Hot on the heels of the critically acclaimed “The Bristol Reggae Explosion 1978-1983″ Bristol Archive Records return to the City’s rich reggae heritage with another album full of lost gems.

This time it’s the criminally neglected Talisman who benefit from a long overdue and well deserved release.

  1. Dole Age 7″ Mix
  2. Free Speech 7″ Mix
  3. Run Come Girl 7″ Mix
  4. Wicked Den 7″ Mix
  5. Stride On
  6. Calamity
  7. Ah Wah U Seh
  8. Nothing Change
  9. Shine On
  10. Words Of Wisdom
  11. Slow Poison


Takin’ the Strain Deluxe Edition

takin the strainbandcamp

Format: CD (Deluxe Edition)

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Format CD
Released 5th March 2012
Cat No. ARC241CD

Released 5th March 2012 as CD (Deluxe Edition) and Digital Download.

Originally issued as a vinyl LP in 1984, “Takin’ The Strain” was Talisman’s first album. The culmination of a long musical journey as the band had existed in various guises since 1976. At the time of the album’s release Talisman were a three piece.

  1. Takin The Strain
  2. Crime Of Passion
  3. Lick & Run
  4. Ah Wah You Seh
  5. Lord Of Dance
  6. Stride On
  7. I’M Sorry
  8. Calamity
  9. Burn The Bread


Bonus Live Tracks:

  1. Slow Poison
  2. Takin The Strain
  3. Calamity
  4. Ah Weh You She
  5. Lick & Run

Dole Age / Free Speech

  1. Dole Age
  2. Free Speech

Dole Age / Free Speech (Remastered) - EP - Talisman

Run Come Girl

  1. Run Come Girl
  2. Wicked Dem

Run Come Girl / Wicked Dem (Remastered) - EP - Talisman